Friday, September 2, 2011

Oo oo, oo oo, I love your every coloor...

I love your every color... it's a song by Train, and it makes my heart smile every time I hear it. Train is great about authentic and beautiful love songs.

This song speaks to me especially because I long to be a woman of color. I long to be someone who's vibrant and alive and someone who shows that in varying hues. It's why I love peacocks so much, I think. It's why I'm drawn to bright and beautiful colors... I *want* that. In me. Pouring out of my soul through my speech, my touch, my eyes, whatever. I want to show the colors of peace and joy and love. I want to show the color of empathy, of compassion, and mercy.

What also strikes me about the song is that he says I love your EVERY color. Even the dark ones... Love, if it is truly love, can only love all the more when faced with dark-colored imperfections. Afterall, aren't shadows the evidence that there is light? I know I have many faults and shortcomings... but aren't they contrasted by the goodness in me?

Right now I'm quite the mess of color, a bit chaotic... the picture isn't quite clear yet. But I'm working on throwing on layer and layer of light and color until the image that remains is one that I want to see... that woman of vibrant color. Many colors. And while there will be some shadows that linger, I hope to be surrounded by those who will love every last color I reveal and to someday be one who's color "is on the brink of changing all the ways [I] see the world."

(This song is so beautiful!! Think about it. Someday...)

I can see the red, white and free in you
You light the night up like the moon
And underneath your clouds, I see the blue

You're hopeless 'cause you tell the truth
The stars are jealous of your shine
If you were mine
There's not a thing I wouldn't do

You're black and beautiful, yellow, tan
You're white as light and soft as sand
With greens and greys and oh for days
A silver lining on the way you cover everyone
Just like a morning sun
You turn me into someone I would rather be

OOO- I love your every color
OOO- I love your everything
You wear the day around you
Like it's yours to stay around you
Maybe I could stay around you too
If that's alright with you

You're coffee brown and bubble gum pink
And oh I think the shade of you is on the brink
Of changing all the ways I see the world
I could drown inside a single drop
Of all the kinds of things you got
And all the kinds of things I'm not

Might just give me a chance to see
From way up where you are
Above the silent stars
Just dancing in the sky

You're better than any rainbow
You're brighter than the sun
You look like my first day of summer
When my spring is on the run
You're gold and more gold
And you're platinum too
With snow toned, copper attitude
I don't know what I'd do without you
I don't know what I'll do about you

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