Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting started?

So, I haven't done this blogging thing since the glorious days when every girl I knew had an account on xanga to either "discreetly" use it as an outlet to badmouth everyone else or publicize emotions in such an obscure fashion so as to negate any effort to actually process said emotions. Ah, the complicated heart/mind of the teenage girl... I admit I don't miss those days.

I cannot promise any profound thoughts, only the humble reflections of a young woman trying to figure her life out. I will, undoubtedly, reference many songs, as I have found their creators have found the words I myself have been searching for. On one hand, it makes me feel lame that I cannot articulate the words of my own power, but I also seek comfort in the fact that these thoughts, emotions, and experiences are not unique to me... Even when I feel like an island, I come to find that there is another on my side of the ocean, and it is a gift to know that.

For now, though, I must find a quiet spot in the ocean and get some sleep. 3:30 comes far too early...

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