Friday, September 30, 2011

Love is louder... Than anything

Today I stumbled across Love is Louder. Like To Write Love on Her Arms, they're an organization that seeks love for the person.

I fell in love.

Again, it is beautiful to come across movements to "spread the love." The world *aches* for it. You ache for it. I know I certainly ache for it. It. is. so. necessary.

We're meant to be known and seen and loved. Because we're created by Love for Love.

I think of all the little ways we can love each other...from simple acts of service, a hug, a smile, words of encouragement, etc. These things seems so small... and they have the greatest impact. For many, that "simple" smile can make the day worth living.

Pain can be suffocating. It can be be overwhelming. Sometimes it can seem like the only voice left.

But love is still louder.

Love endured the pain of death on a cross that we might have life. And our life has purpose, Every life has purpose. We best fulfill it by loving. LOVING. It's foreign to our society of selfishness, but it's more inherent to our nature, just as goodness is. We've simply made a habit of being selfish. Why do we ever think it's a good idea? And why does it sometimes seem so much easier than to love our neighbor? Isn't the work the greatest reward? Perhaps it's just that we've forgotten.

Despite any of our selfishness, however, the call to love continues to crop up. The recognition of its necessity continues to show its face (ha). That should be proof enough. Love is louder.

It's funny how God shows His face sometimes. He always does in the ways His children need. What we need now aren't awesome signs and wonders...we need Love. Or maybe it's just that, with the turn society has taken, the awesome signs and wonders are the small ones. Because they are so stifled. As the hands and feet of Love, however, we've gotta bring it to the streets. We need to bring it to our neighbors, our friends, and even the ones we have a hard time getting along with. Maybe you're the one to show them love is louder than the pain they harbor.

Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.
It is louder than the insecurities we feel.
It is louder than the numbers on the scale.
It is louder than the scars on our bodies.
It is louder than our shortcomings.
Love is louder than hate. (how else would it resonate so much more deeply within us??)
It is louder than prejudices.
It is louder than the differences between us.
It is louder than unkind words and actions.
Love is louder than loneliness.
It is louder than darkness.
It is louder than bullying.
It is louder than persecution.
Love is louder than the voice that says, "You can't."
Love is louder than the voice that says, "You aren't strong enough."
Love is louder than the voice that says, "You. Aren't. Enough."
Love is louder. Than anything.

This is not to say that the pain people experience isn't legitimate. Of course it's legitimate. We live in a broken world full of broken and broken-hearted people. However, Love can heal it. It's the only thing that can. And when the voices that scream, "You are worthless," "You are alone," and, "Give up!" (even when they come from within), are overpowering, we need to speak Love. Small and simple random acts of kindness speak more loudly than we can even fathom.

Speak Love.

Love is louder.

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